There is an urgent need to reimagine Housing for the 21st century. We are facing a moment of crisis and uncertainty, and the current processes  that drive the production and commodification of Housing are simply untenable. It is clear that this paradigm is both environmentally and economically unsustainable and demands a fundamentally new approach. Our mission is to create better Housing that provides more for people. 

Our position on Housing is simple:

  1. We believe that future Housing must align better with the Economic realities of our society  built to facilitate stronger community participation  provide extended opportunities for collective ownership  and ultimately create better value for its residents at an affordable price.

  2. We believe that future Housing must align better with the Environmental realities of our society  built to address the demand for low impact solutions across the entire life of a project from construction methods, and material selection to energy consumption and management.

  3. We believe that future Housing must align better with the Contextual realities of our society  built with an understanding of how regions are transforming  populations are shifting and ultimately how people live.

So, how do we achieve this?

As a collective of designers + urbanists we see all of our work, both speculative and built, as a form of ongoing research. Through each project we reimagine the way Housing is designed, built and accessed.

Our project goals are to:

  1. Provide beautiful, innovative and economically viable housing solutions to the market.

  2. Reduce construction times, and costs, by using modularized + pre-fabricated components that are designed to be adaptable as zoning laws and urban policies shift.

  3. Rethink structures of ownership and equity to facilitate greater participation + community capital.

  4. Integrate new forms of amenity into our development model to help support the growth of adaptive and resilient communities.

So, why “SO.S”?

We see our mission as a call to action against complacency,
and our name provokes the urgency to move beyond the status quo. We are tired of excuses and rhetoric. It is time to solve problems, and discover better ways to live and to build. We are not in this alone. Our partners, and the communities we serve are part of a necessarily larger and more systemic solution.
Housing is only the beginning.