We are a Canadian practice who see the need for
design to better engage with our unique social, cultural,
and environmental
context. The Covid-19 pandemic has
not only exposed the cracks in our society, but widened
them. Rapid urbanization, crises of affordability, environ-
mental uncertainty and expanding social inequities are
pervasive, and more than any other time in recent
memory, we are witnessing how the systemic rela-
tionships between political, social and economic
conditions manifest spatially in our cities.

S—O.S is designed to respond to these challenges
through two distinct approaches:

Our studio engages in unsolicited, self driven
research initiatives
, fueled by our desire to address
issues that are important to us. Each self-directed
project acts as a vehicle to critically challenge the
status quo, question our preconceived ideas, and
work towards actionable design propositions.
Collectively, these projects form an ongoing body of
research that informs the underlying position of
our studio.

As a studio that believes that responsible design
emerges from diverse perspectives and experiences,
we cannot claim to have all the answers. Rather
we seek partners who share our sense of urgency
and curiosity in finding them. We collaborate with
community developers, business owners
non-profits, and municipalities
to develop
insights, articulate vision, and reveal the embedded
opportunities within their projects.