︎︎︎WHY S—O.S

PURPOSE (why) The purpose of S—O.S is to redefine the current paradigm of real estate development and its relationship to connected industries. S—O.S aspires to increase social capital and facilitate community empowerment towards healthy and sustainable cities.

MISSION (what) The mission and primary objective of  S—O.S is to develop equitable, diverse and sustainable urban environments that bring value to all. We use design, and critical research to inform our approach to each project, believing the way we build is reflective of the society we aspire to be.

VISION (where are we going) S—O.S aspires to move beyond the local, bringing our approach to a greater global context. We aim to innovate on how cities are developed, and how we consider the role of design in establishing long-term community well-being. We believe that the future of the world will largely be dictated by the success of cities. Urban centers are set to face unprecedented challenges in growth, densification and affordability, simultaneously presenting a moment of opportunity as well as vulnerability.